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Workplace Accidents – Burn Injuries and Making a Claim for Compensation


Burns and scalds in the workplace are more common than you may think. Around 13,000 cases occur in the UK each year where people are admitted to hospital for treatment in association with a burn or scald. There are also many thousands of others who attend their doctor or local health clinic for treatment of minor burns.

What is the difference between a scald and a burn?

Scalding is the result of skin contact with a wet substance such as steam or hot water. Burns are caused by extreme heat coming into contact with the skin such as from fire or a hot surface.

Common causes of scald and burn injuries

Scalds and burns are most commonly related to steam, fire and contact with other hazardous materials which might include the sun, certain chemicals, and electricity. But it is also possible to suffer from sever friction burns and also burns as a result of contact with extremely cold surfaces, for example, ice, or coming into contact with the contents of a fire extinguisher containing CO2.

Accidents in the workplace often result in burns and scalds being suffered. Even an incident such as trip or fall involving hot liquid can result in serious injuries being sustained. Electrical burns caused by faulty wiring or equipment are also a common cause of burn injuries, especially at work, and all chemical burins should be attended by a medical professional in order to ensure the correct treatment is applied to mitigate any possible further complications depending in the substance in question.

Workplace accident claims – how to make a claim

If you suffer an accident at work or while carrying out your work-related duties off site, you should first seek the appropriate medical attention. This may be provided by onsite medical staff, paramedics or in a specialist burns unit. Once you have been medically cleared, it is essential that the incident is correctly reported both in your place of work and to the local authorities, especially in the case of toxic or dangerous substances being involved.

You should also retain the services of an expert legal adviser with experience of filing claims for workplace burn injury compensation. Experts in this field know the claims process from experience and can help assist you in arming your case with the necessary documentary evidence which is essential to ensure your claim is valid and also stipulate an adequate amount of compensation in relation to the injuries you suffered.

In order to support your claim, you should keep detailed records of all events related to the incident, accident report forms, medical treatment received, any additional therapy required and proof of any financial loss suffered as a direct result of the accident. According to claims experts this might include loss of earnings, additional expenses related to treatment, or even missed holidays or other events which you were unable to attend due to being injured.